Hanoi Lotto – The Dark Side of Vietnam’s Lottery

Hanoi Lotto – The Dark Side of Vietnam’s Lottery

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The Hanoi Lotto is a widely played lottery in Vietnam that generates millions in annual revenue. This funds are then allocated towards social causes and infrastructure development projects while creating hundreds of jobs. Furthermore, this game has united people as it’s become a topic of conversation between friends and family alike. However, it should be remembered that playing hanoi lotto can be considered gambling so any funds should only be put through licensed agents or online platforms in order to avoid legal issues that might arise when engaging in this form of betting.

Vietnamese government efforts have focused on portraying lottery as an “harmonious” form of entertainment, but this effort is falling flat with everyone. Lotteries actually have many hidden risks: regulation is difficult due to government monopoly over it and lottery retailers may overcharge and sell tickets without official licenses; furthermore, lottery ticket sales often have detrimental impacts on lower socioeconomic groups – for instance a mother selling lottery tickets can find herself struggling to afford school fees or medical treatment expenses for her children.

Alongside the state-owned lottery monopoly, there are also private companies distributing lottery tickets in Vietnam. While not as large as state-owned ones, these private ones still enjoy significant market shares and some even partner with foreign investors to expand internationally. However, the government is working towards regulating these private businesses and safeguarding consumers.

People employed by lottery companies often don’t receive fair treatment. Lottery ticket vendors such as Phuoc and his mother do not have contracts or guarantees in place to secure their futures; on good days they have earned up to VND240,000 per day; however, if not enough tickets were sold each day they may end up without income at all.

Despite these reservations, lottery remains an invaluable revenue generator for Vietnam. According to the State Lottery Company, lottery revenue reached VND1 trillion during the first half of 2016. Southern lotteries account for an estimated 80% share of total national lotter revenue.

The Government Lottery Office (GLO) dedicates part of lottery revenue to charitable initiatives, including educational scholarships and healthcare programs. This system benefits people beyond lottery winners while encouraging responsible gambling.



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